Top 5 Things to know about Benchmarking your Vet Practice

1. Know where you are in ranking compared to other vet practices in your region. Your practice data gives you what you need to analyse your practice’s business performance but for a real understanding benchmarking will allow you to see how you’re performing in comparison to other vet practices.

2. Identify areas in need of improved Practice Management. An efficient benchmarking service will give you all the tools required to quickly spot where the practice needs attention – it makes it easy to see trends moving in the wrong direction.

3. Not just the Negatives. Use the results of your analysis in benchmarking to also recognise positive trends and take note to ensure the good results continue to improve. Can the methods that work in these areas be used elsewhere to increase practice revenue?

4. Track your Key Metrics to diagnose practice issues before it’s too late. Using your data to benchmark your practice can give you the results you need to identify problem areas in practice performance - much like you would do with the results of lab tests done on one of your patients.

5. Keep your Team on Track. Benchmarking your data gives insight into team performance. Keeping a check on this area of the practice can effectively improve internal communication. Giving your team the support they need can only lead to positive performance. Think about celebrating landmark achievements to improve wellbeing and motivation to help people appreciate the impact of all their hard work.

Our free benchmarking service is the toolkit you need to guide your practice onto a successful path. Vet Viewer anonymously compares your practice with others in your region and nationwide.

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