Comprehensive CRM with full contact, customer and activity reporting

Our Vision Insights CRM system, in use by veterinary sales teams across Europe, has just got even better!

 Users can now access the information from a variety of platforms, including PC, online, tablet, iPAD and smartphone

For all platforms apart from the website version, the user can enjoy all functionalities whether they are connected or not, as the data is stored and synchronized on the device.

 What version is best? It all depends on the role of the user. Field based staff such as territory managers or sales managers are best using the pc or tablet version – though sales managers also enjoy the power of the website, especially if they have thousands of accounts to manage. Telesales and customer services teams, on the other hand, will be best suited to the online version, as this can be used from any desktop.

 The mobile phone version, currently in beta test, is handy for territory managers who want to quickly review information minutes before a sales call, and indeed the voice recognition technology is also great for writing up your visit notes by simply dictating into the telephone. The technology then transforms your speech to text – it’s magic!

 For any information regarding this, or any other aspect of our Vision Insights CRM service, please contact us on, or call us on 01403 800 135. You can also contact Alexander Arpino directly on 07795 566 677.